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What is Kickstart?

While Web-Development with Java is supported by a variety of great frameworks it is still not easy (even tedious) to, firstly, choose the right ones for a given problem and, secondly, make them work together.

Kickstart strives to provide a selection of integration-patterns with well defined domains of application. Each pattern comes with a complete template application getting you kickstarted with your application in minutes.

For the time being, Kickstart is based on Tapestry, Hivemind and Hibernate. Also, Kickstart is in an early state. While it works, there's only one application pattern and template supported right now. But nevertheless, please try it and tell me whether it works for you.

What do you get?

A pattern

Due to lack of time, there's only one pattern currently supported by Kickstart. It has proven suitable for low to medium load (some 100 concurrent users) web-apps typically found on corporate extranets. It's characteristics are

A more thorough discussion comes soon

An implementation

Kickstart currently consists of 3 Eclipse projects (or directories).

Getting Kickstarted


The Kickstart-Download comprises all libraries upon which it depends to compile (to be found in KickstartLib/lib). Besides that, you'll need

Installation and getting started
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